Adult Therapies

Our goal is to help you reduce pain and inflammation; improve your balance, posture, and gait; accelerate healing; strengthen muscles; and increase your range of motion. Physical therapy is often prescribed right after surgery to minimize the risk of infection. It also is very beneficial following an injury or prolonged illness.

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Physical Therapy

Hands-on care from licensed professionals, specializing in orthopedics, sports medicine, neuro-muscular diagnoses, neurological diagnoses and balance and vestibular disorders. Initial evaluation includes a review of medical history, and assessment of problems related to the diagnosis, including deficits in range of motion, strength, postural control, balance, gait and functional status.

For our older patients, your physical therapist’s goal is to help you remain independent as long as possible by providing exercises to strengthen your muscles, improve or maintain your ability to get out of bed or a chair, or to help you improve your walking skills, with or without assistance, to prevent falls. We utilize a variety of treatment methods including joint mobilization, massage, electrical stimulation, and the application of heat or ice. Some of the areas we address:
Hip Back Hand/Wrist, Knee, Neck Shoulder
Foot/Ankle, Leg, Arm, Balance, Gait, Vertigo


Occupational Therapy

Specializing in rehabilitation including custom splinting, exercise and activities of daily living training. Comprehensive evaluation and treatment of diagnoses such as carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures, tendonitis, and tendon lacerations and repairs.

We can help you improve or maintain your ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) as easily and independently as possible such as dressing, toileting, and bathing. Your occupational therapist will work with you to help you adapt and overcome challenges following an injury, illness, or medical event that has caused physical or cognitive limitations. This includes ADL training; functional rehabilitation of the hand, wrist, and shoulder; and neurological rehabilitation following stroke, brain injury, or other neurological events. We can provide guidance for your family members and caregivers. Your occupational therapists can also recommend appropriate adaptive equipment such as eating and drinking aids, dressing and grooming aids, shower aids, or other products to improve home safety. Occupational therapy is beneficial for patients who have been injured, have had a joint replacement, suffer from arthritis or Parkinson’s, or has limitations following a stroke or heart attack.

Speach Therapy
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Speech Therapy

Evaluation and treatment of speech and swallowing disorders due to head injury, stroke, throat cancer or neurological diseases, including Parkinson’s Disease. Includes Vital Stim(R) Therapy for swallowing disorders and LSVT LOUD treatment for Neurological conditions.

Your Speech Therapists can help you if you have difficulty swallowing, eating, communication issues, or language or have cognitive-linguistic problems. Speech therapy is very beneficial if you have had a stroke, breathing problems associated with lung diseases, or neurological conditions such as dementia. We use specific exercises to strengthen your muscles of the mouth and throat or cognitive exercises to improve sequencing and problem-solving.



At SPTC, it’s important for us to explore innovative ways for you to be more fully engaged with your environment. The Sensorium is a multi-sensory integration room with specific equipment and therapy activities to benefit those with various sensory processing needs for children and adults. Visual stimulation, tactile input, proprioceptive input, vestibular input and soothing sensory-friendly lighting combine to give you the sensory tools you need to help improve attention, auditory and tactile awareness, emotional regulation, visual tracking and interaction. The Sensorium room is great for those who have an autism disorder, ADD, ADHD, communicative disorders, toe walkers, etc.

Elements of the Sensorium include:

  • Visual stimulation – dynamic color changing bubble columns and fiber optic light strands located in various stations throughout the room and a rotating projector that displays various scenes onto the wall.
  • Olfactory stimulation – an aromatherapy station to engage the olfactory senses for increasing or decreasing arousal.
  • Auditory stimulation – 3 separate receivers with FM radio and CD capabilities to play music or ambient noises.
  • Tactile stimulation – a vibroacoustic rocker, bench, and water bed can all use vibration to help calm individuals while a set of textured steps help to activate one’s tactile senses and draw awareness to one’s feet during therapy. Color-changing ball pit can increase tactile awareness for a person with hypersensitivity.
  • Vestibular stimulation- a large vibroacoustic rocker allows a person to be rocked at various speeds to provide vestibular input for calming and regulation as needed.
  • Proprioceptive stimulation- selection of weighted blankets and weighted vests in varying sizes to provide deep pressure input for calming and regulation.

Our state-of-the-art sensorium is one of only a few of its kind in the state of Florida and it provides an undeniable benefit to those who need it; we are so happy to be able to provide this multi-sensory therapeutic experience to our patients!


Personal Fitness Program

Exercise for your health in our well – equipped gym. The Fitness Program is available to former patients and the general public, with individualized programs based upon your goals.

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Client Options

Levels of Participation

1. INDEPENDENT – work-out on your own following initial assessment of current status and instruction in proper use of equipment.

2. ASSISTED – supervised exercise programs for those participants requiring minimal physical assistance for safe performance of their program.

3. PERSONAL TRAINING – work one-on-one with a qualified staff member, focusing on individual goals for flexibility, strength and endurance.

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Massage Therapy

Licensed Massage Therapists provide therapeutic and rehabilitative massage therapy. Massage aids in stress reduction and pain management, and improves circulation for overall health. Hours are by appointment in one-half and one hour increments, with flexible schedules available.