Clinic Reviews

“Your organization is the best organized group of staff and assistants I have ever seen. They are dedicated & are a happy team of professionals who do their jobs correctly and watch over their clients with love and dedication.”

“A large part of therapy is atmosphere. You definitely make a person feel ‘at home’ if that’s possible.”

“Everyone at the clinic was very friendly, nice and helpful. It was great to see that everyone helped each other and would not hesitate to help each other’s clients. I feel this is a great way to run a clinic.”

“I have never needed physical therapy before and didn’t know what to expect. I felt comfortable right away. Everyone seemed to be happy working there and knowledgeable. I know that I was in good hands.”

“Very special place with caring professionals.”

“Being administered to by your staff was a positive and rewarding experience. They are truly professional in all aspects.”

“There is no better place for therapy! I will be forever grateful to Sunshine Physical Therapy!”

“The excellent quality of care and personal service could not be improved upon.”

“I made lifelong friends in the Sunshine Clinic while working out in their gym for many years. They answered all of my questions and cared.”